Heavy Duty Racking (Shelving)

UsedRacking.com carries a selection of extra heavy duty and heavy duty racking / shelving  systems in stock. These sturdier than usual storage setups will take a greater load capacity making them a good choice for your heavier inventory. These systems add extra security to avoid product damage due to unstable racking/shelving, and helps reduce the risk of damage due to human error. These two options are racking & shelving, racking is geared towards pallet racking for warehouse storage, while the shelving option can also be for warehouse storage but can also be used for frontend storage of bulkier items.

  • Perfect for storing heavier loads
  • Versatile
  • Strong construction ensures safety
  • Available with bolted or welded frames.

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With a large product inventory at our disposal, out clients always know that we can accommodate their projects, no matter the size. But it doesn’t stop there! We’re also a full service company, that means that we can deliver, decommission, and install any racking system. Have a project with tight time constraints? We offer fast delivery and installation services, so be sure to ask us about that.