Pallet Racking – Stay Safe

Pallet Racking Safety Considerations. Because of the size and weight of pallets, safety is relevant.

Workers must pay attention to any loose components in the pallet rack system, and also take the time to report any damage in the pallet rack frame. Such frame damage could cause the pallets to fall.

It is the owner’s legal responsibility to communicate this important warning to all who are around storage racks: “Never climb on racks during or after assembly. Storage racks are not designed to be stepped on or climbed on. A slip or fall may result in serious injury.” ‘It is especially important to have highly visible warning signs if the pallet rack system is used in retail environments, such as wholesale centers, where the public is present.

Quality pallets that are not damaged must be used. To save money, or perhaps from neglectful management, some warehouses use pallets until they become faulty and dangerous. Regular inspection of pallets for broken or fractured planks or stringers, protruding nails, and missing support blocks is essential. Damaged pallets can cause loading and unloading problems; for example, loose stringers can get hung up on the pallet racks, which can cause loads to fall from high positions. Also, faulty pallets can cause obstruction problems in flow systems by jamming certain pallet rack designs.

Proper motorized equipment must be used for the application. Obstructing the end of aisles by staging pallets in these areas can cause severe and potentially fatal injuries and accidents. Overloading or exceeding the recommended load specifications for a racking system may cause a catastrophic failure of your storage rack system. Rack audits (safety checks) must be performed regularly by a qualified inspector familiar with RMI design and safety standards. Food products must follow FDA regulations and use approved pallet racks.

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