carries a variety of unique solutions for Retail operations, including racking and shelving products and accessories. We’ve worked with North Americas largest retail chains so you know we have the retail racking experience to fit your needs. Although we can work with the heavy hitters we are also happy to accommodate SMB’s looking to optimize their setup with one of our economical retail solutions.

Our customers expect a variety of solutions that cater to their budgets, we always offer several solutions that get the job done and don’t break the bank. Our warehouse experts have been designing warehouse storage systems for over 40 years, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line at any time to talk to one of them.

What is a used racking system? Essentially it’s a lightly used setup that has been either decommissioned due to changed needs of another company, or in negative situations it could be due to a business shutting down. Either way these systems pass many safety and quality checks before making it into the hands of any of our customers.

– Used Racking – Light-Duty Racking – Light-Duty Shelving – Wide-Span Shelving – Metal Shelving & more.


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